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Private shows are the best way to get some time with me all to yourself, up close and personal!

All of my XXX chats are solo, many requests and fetishes welcomed.  Is there a particular item of clothing you'd like to see me wear  (pantyhose, high heels, schoolgirl/teacher outfit)?  One of my special toys you'd like to watch me play with?  I'm more than happy to cater to many "special requests" -- all you have to do is ask and see what I'm up for  (some advanced notice works best if you're specific).  Plus, there are also different "show types" - Like if you prefer to see my live video AND let me watch you on your cam as well, it's doable! Have me for a little or as long as you'd like on a pay-per-minute basis.

While my one-on-one time *is not* included with your membership to my site, my members do have access to many of my archived shows and archived webcam captures at no extra charge. (Any shows performed via the PrivateCamz system are automatically archived & are in the members area of 

More information on these methods coming soon!

See & hear me in a live HD webcam preview. "Premium" group show rate is $4.49 per minute & have me 100% to yourself in "Exclusive" for $6.99.

Check out my profile to learn more about show types & what's available. Once you sign up an account & you can choose to be notified when I'm online.

Streamate is the network I'm on 5 nights a week from 2am to 8am Pacific Time & my first pick for webcam fun.

Arrange a show time with me by email using Skype software for our show. PAY IN ADVANCE for blocks of time with your credit card via XXXCamBabes or cash via snail mail.  Shows start at $6.00 per minute.

As of August 30th 2010, this option is still ON HOLD until I can get a calendar in here with available days & times. My Streamate schedule's gotta come first! Stay tuned!

Live Webcam Show FAQ

Q: What are your live private webcam shows like?

A: Each show does vary based on what my viewer would like to see, but you can count on stripteasing, full nudity, masturbation with fingers & toys, anal play with my butt plug in longer shows. I cater to a number of fetishes but particulary enjoy: panty/pantyhose fetishes, foot fetishes (barefeet, high heels, foot worship, toy foot jobs, etc), dominate play (cuckoldry, small cock humiliation, sissy training, jerk off encouragement and the like), roleplaying (naughty neighbor/schoolgirl/teacher/boss) and dirty talk -- when I know which direction you'd like to run in.

Q: What don't you do?

A: I don't want to seem like a buzzkill and write out a huge list of "No-No's" but there are certainly things that I'm not physically, legally or otherwise comfortablely capable of doing so I'll mention few of them here so you'll have a better idea of sessions I steer clear of. I don't do any fisting, super HUGE toys, smoking, ATM, peeing, squirting, gagging to the point of eyes watering and/or vomiting, underage roleplaying, inc3st roleplaying, or race play. (Yes, this means I won't use "the N word" or say "Daddy" - neither are my style.)

Q: How come you're not allowed to mention that you have your own sites or do camshows elsewhere when we're chatting on Streamate/Privatecamz/etc?

A: I'm only trying to comply with the rules set by those larger cam networks. They don't want their customers being driven to other cam systems because they won't see a cut of money for shows performed elsewhere. Yes, it does sort of suck that we have to be somewhat "secretive" but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't spend a lot of chat-time talking about what I do here at my own personal space or at a competing cam network.

Q: Hey, didn't you used to webcam on...?

A: Yup, probably. I have left a few of my accounts open on a couple of other webcam sites, but my top picks are listed above. If absolutely necessary, I can jump on or for you, but that's really up to my discretion because I don't play at either of those very often. I mention them only as a last resort.

Q: Man, some of the other viewers in your chatroom are really rude assclowns! Doesn't it make you mad that they're so stupid/rude/lame?

A: Yes! Some cam networks are better than others when it comes to screening and if you hang out with me long enough in my free chats it's pretty obvious that some chatters are used to chatting with another type of performer -- one who mostly likely doesn't provide as much live interaction as I do.  I'm going to apologize in advance for those times that I *will* inevitablly have to "go into bitch mode" to try to keep the peace in my chatroom.  If participating in these free chats isn't for you, please see the Skype show option so you won't even have to be subjected to these type of chatters.







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