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Age: 37 (Yes, honestly)
Astrological Sign: I'm cuspy - Libra & Scorpio (Oct 22)
Marital Status: Married with the occasional side action
Measurements: 32/34a - 29 - 35
Height: 5ft 1/2 in
Weight: 115-120 lbs
Eyes: Hazel gray
Hair: Usually auburn, sometimes dark chestnut
Body Mods: None. No ink, no piercings (unless an earring hole in each ear counts)
Location: SoCal USA
Job: Adult webmaster & webcam girl





AmberLily Professional Tease



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About Me  

First and foremost, I'm really a pretty average girl-next-door type and plan on staying that way even if I do go a bit crazy sometimes. I'm one of those "do it yourself" amateurs.  Only one girl tends my website, and that girl is me!  Unlike all of those slick megaporn sites out there, you can: email me, read my blog, purchase my intimate items, chat with me on webcam, and view/download my original homemade erotic pictures and videos.

Originally, I started a website to share my "used panties" and other pieces of lingerie because I'd had such fun running auctions at eBay for a little extra cash back when I was a starving college student.  (This was, of course, about five or six years ago when this kind of thing was allowed.)  Sure, my first website was a real small place hosted at Yahoo Geocities, but it gave me something I never realized I needed: a means of exhibitionist expression.  I'm not one of those girls who can't walk down a street without flashing her tits.  No way, not me.  I'm more the type to be sitting on a park bench, reading a book, and ever so slightly letting my skirt ride up so if someone were watching -- they'd probably see the top of my stockings or find out what color of panties I'm wearing.  Of course, I do show a *whole lot more* than that here at my home on the net.  You've probably seen that much already, no?

Nerd or Nymph?   

Yes, I admit it, I'm rather nerdy.  I wear glasses most of the time, have allergies, and a strong aversion to team sports (sorry football fans!).  Further evidence of my nerdiness is that I also happen to be college educated.  I have a Bachelor's in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and an *almost* finished Master's (less than 4 units short!) in the same area of study.  I dropped out of graduate school in Los Angeles, CA a couple of years ago because I was feeling a bit disenchanted with my program. Then my friends started moving around the country, and before I knew it my boyfriend had a job offer in Seattle, WA, so we moved!  And after only nine months of near continuous rain, we moved again! This time to Memphis, TN.  (But right before that last upheaval we got hitched in Las Vegas so my boyfriend became my husband. I generally refer to him as BigD on my site & blog.)  It wasn't too long after we got to Memphis that we became aware of  how *big* the strip club or shake joint scene was, and I decided to shed what was left of my inhibitions and become an exotic dancer.  Taking off your clothes for a *live* & *in person* audience was totally different from doing it online via webcam or digital pics/vids, but it didn't take me long to get the hang of it.  Stripping had its ups & downs, but it gave me a completely different perspective on life and who I am that being a student or Nine-to-Fiver would ever have given me.  So, after almost four years of dancing, and that job for BigD finally did bite the dust when his company was sold and anyone too high up the food chain was let go -- we've moved back to the Seattle area!  As of April '08, I'm still making it all up as a go along, but I think I'm hanging up my dance bag for the time being and going back to working at home on webcam and my site(s).  There are always new challenges ahead when you work for yourself, but I'm pretty sure that I'll find a harmonious balance between my nerdy self and my nymph self if I keep trying. ;)

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